Jenna Goldade is the Executive Director of Against the Wall Theatre in Red Deer, and was the Artistic Director for 11 years. She is the co-creator of Bull Skit Comedy, the improvisational theatre group in Red Deer. Over the past 12 years with Bull Skit she has directed family based entertainment, training to both community and ensemble, created a mentorship program, and produced a show each and every week!  She has performed with Kinkonauts (Calgary), Loose Moose Theatre (Calgary), Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton), Seattle International Improv Festival, and iO (Chicago). Some of her training credits include Second City, Improv Olympic, Loose Moose Theatre, and Rapid Fire Theatre. The past ten years have been dedicated to Improv, but recently her love for written work & Improv collided with Tony & Tina’s Wedding (RDC) where she had the pleasure of assistant directing alongside Karen Johnson Diamond. She continues to immerse, challenge, and bring her love of Theatrical Improv to all facets of her life. She’s a graduate of the RDC Theatre Program and the RDC Motion Picture Arts Program. She is a MOM, teacher, improviser, producer, writer, director, and lover of the arts!