Ash Mercia and improv begin their tumultuous, albeit extremely fulfilling, relationship back in 2014.  Improv swept Ash off her feet then proceeded to take her travelling all around the world; together the two of them were meeting interesting people and learning all kinds of new and amazing things. Ash and improv have their ups and downs; Ash has messed around with writing sketch comedy, theatrical productions, directing, and even dabbling in a light bit of technician work now and again. But she always returns to her biggest love: improv, who is always there for her no matter what.

Ash joined Bull Skit in 2014; she also took the theatre program at RDC in 2014, graduating in 2016. Since then she has studied and performed improv in Chicago (iO Theatre), New York (Del Close Marathon), Ljubljana (IGLU), Victoria (Paper Street Improv Festival), and all over Alberta from Edmonton all the way down to Okotoks. After passing the five-year mark, she feels like she might be finally getting kinda good at this improv and comedy stuff.