From the people who brought you Get White Trashed… We present Get Ship Faced!

Take an everyday scientific problem, and the improvisers of Get Ship Faced will turn it into an even more drunkenly Scientific one right before your eyes… while the improvisors are getting “Ship Faced” on stage, there will also be rules for you the audience so you can “drink.” Get your case of Synthohol out, Bring your light sword, tuck that proton pack into your robot body and come on down to…“Get Ship Faced”

At the Scott Block Theatre (4816 50 Ave) in the Centennial Theatre.

DOORS @ 7:30

  • DateApril 27, 2018
  • TimeShow Starts at 8:00PM
  • AddressCentennial Stage, The Scott Block, 4816 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB