Four Corners Collective


Today, BULL SKIT COMEDY is excited to announce the official formation of a unique collaboration we are calling Four Corners Collective, including representation from Paper Street Theatre Co. in Victoria, B.C., Deep End Theater in Portland, Oregon, The Kinkonauts in Calgary, Alberta, and Bull Skit Comedy in Red Deer, Alberta.

We are not a business partnership or a merger, but we are sister-companies dedicated to making ourselves and each other better. We want to make public and official our deep commitment to one another as friends, companies, and community members. Representative Artistic Directors, Dave Morris, Domeka Parker, Owen Chan, and Jenna Goldade commit to sharing resources such as Codes of Conduct, HR policies, company operating systems, ensemble expectations, training programs and styles, lessons learned, challenges to overcome, and future goals.

We are unique companies with different ideas, goals and styles, but what we have in common is a deep belief that improvisational theatre is an art and craft deserving of inspired, careful, compassionate, and passionate leadership. We aim to hold each other accountable to our own artistic, as well as diversity and equity, goals and promise to support one another in reaching them.

We are excited to share this announcement with you in the hopes that this project will inspire other like-minded people to connect throughout the improv community around the world.